Alienware m15 R2 Gaming Laptop Review

Alienware m15 R2 Gaming Laptop Review

Why Choose The Alienware M15 R2 Gaming Laptop?


The Alienware m15 R2 Gaming Laptop is one of the more popular laptops of recent years. At about 20.3 inches in length, the R2 is easily the biggest gaming laptop yet by the makers of Alienware. Its aluminum alloy body weighs just 2.1 pounds, which is less than the previous incarnations of the laptop, but still quite heavy.


The interior of the Alienware is covered in black magnesium metal. This is probably because it does require a fair amount of electricity to operate. However, the weight of the unit is not as much as you would think. It actually weighs about two pounds, which is just slightly heavier than the first model. The overall build quality of the laptop is very good, with no visible signs of flexing or rubbing when typing or pressing down on the laptop.


If you do not use a lot of applications on your laptop, you will be happy with the Alienware M15 R2. It has about a terabyte of memory, so if you have a lot of stuff stored in your data files, you will not have to worry about running out of space quickly. It also has eight gigabytes of hard drive space for the operating system, and a choice of either CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.


A good wireless connection is also available for the laptop, which can be of some help if you travel a lot. There are also two USB ports, one of which can be used for connecting an external monitor, and another that are capable of connecting a mouse. All of these features can be easily found on this gaming laptop, so you do not have to look very far to get them.


Although the graphics cards are pretty good, there is not much memory available for graphic intensive applications. This means that if you want to watch movies, play games or do any other graphics intensive activity, you will have to use a card that is more powerful than the standard model. Although a high-end card may cost you quite a bit of money, it is definitely worth it to get the most out of your gaming experience.


The speakers of this model are great for listening to music or any type of audio recording. The speakers can be operated using the built in microphone, although you will need to connect it to a USB cord. These are placed on either side of the back panel, and you have them all under the keyboard, so that when you are typing or moving the laptop in any way, the speakers are able to move back and forth. This feature works very well, especially if you wish to hear your audio recording in a separate room.


There are also a USB port and a Mini-SD memory card slot. These can either be used for external storage of data or to store any type of media. If you choose the latter, it is important to make sure that you have at least 1GB of available storage space available. This is required to keep up to an hour of music or video in case you have lots of movies that need to be stored.


The overall look and feel of the Alienware M15 R2 Gaming Laptop is great, with a black screen with silver highlights. and silver trim, it looks great even when it is folded up. You can buy the standard version that has the same look or if you want something else you will be able to find it in many of the retailers online.

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